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Re: KDE4 is taking over GNOME settings...

On Mon, 2009-10-26 at 10:03 -0500, Rex Dieter wrote: 
> I switch back-n-forth a lot for testing, haven't experienced it.  I'd 
> welcome a recipe on how to reproduce this. 
> For what it's worth, the "take over" should only occur within the kde4 
> session, via setting of 
> in /etc/kde/env/env.sh
> unless users' options in ~/.config or ~/.local gets touched or modified, 
> which is at their discretion, of course.
> -- Rex

Well, all I did was yum install kde-desktop, logged out and logged in to
KDE session using GDM.

I'll be re-installing Fedora in the middle of this week with F12 Beta
iso and I'll clean up my home directory from all config files. I'm
currently running up-to-date rawhide that was installed from Alpha iso
but I have already noticed minor differences between Beta install (of
course updated) and mine so it's time to start from scratch again.

Anyway, I remember this happening to me when I was still running Fedora
11. I'll report back (on Wednesday or Thursday) when I clean install
everything and will reproduce exact steps on two different machines. If
you have any tips on what to watch for (which files or directories), it
would be helpful for me to produce useful feedback.

Thanks for reply.

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