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Re: New kernel in F12

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On 10/26/09 14:30, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Just a note that the kernel build in F12 was updated over the weekend,
> from 56 (which shipped in beta) to 96. This has quite a few changes
> queued up, so if all F12 testers can please reboot and make sure the new
> kernel works, that'd be great.
> if you have a kernel-related bug filed, please test if it's still
> present with the new kernel. That includes most graphics issues, since
> bits of graphics are now done in the kernel.
> This kernel disables debugging. It would be interesting to know if this
> affects performance of Radeon systems, especially with KMS enabled. If
> you had slow performance with a Radeon with KMS enabled and switched to
> nomodeset to work around it, it'd be great if you could try a boot with
> KMS enabled with kernel -96 and see if the performance is acceptable
> now.
> The disabling of debugging should also mean the NVIDIA proprietary
> driver can be installed without problems now, for those who want/need to
> use it. Obviously this is outside the remit of Fedora, but I thought I'd
> note it.


3d performance went up some with the new kernel, although I am getting
some minor corruption in qemu clients and flash videos (I and others
have reported this corruption a couple of weeks ago on #radeon). Unknown
if there is a fix at this point.

I have not tried the new kernel without pcie_aspm=off yet. But plan to.


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