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Re: Fedora Server distro???

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 08:01:58PM -0700, Rob Healey wrote:
> Greetings All:
> I have been around redhat and fedora project for a very long time, but I am
> asking the question that I probably already have the answer!
> With all of the bleeding edge, and my love for it, is there a server distro out
> there?  I am looking for the help from the rest of you that have more
> knowledge than I do!

I am assuming you are well aware of RH (paid) and CentOS (free).  

Recently on the forums, someone mentioned they're running a legacy F2 or
something like that--we still have a few F4 boxes, and actually, they
run rather nicely.  We're also very careful of how they're protected. 

If you mean something in between Fedora's bleeding edge and short
lifetime but newer than a 2.6.18 kernel....

Well, I'd be curious to know about it too. I'm surprised no one's
created one.  The best compromise that I've seen (at least in theory,
not having used it), is Ubuntu's LTS (Long Term Support) offering--it's
newer, and Debian based things tend to (again, this is all theory) be
easier to upgrade than RH based ones.  (Though, again, thanks to the
hard work of many, Fedora seems to be getting better and better at

One can, with some work, get CentOS to work relatively well as a
desktop--I'm sort of writing this from there (actually ssh-ing into a
BSD box, but from my CentOS workstation-cum-desktop-cum-server.)

My very general, uninformed, subjective impression from Fedora forums is
that such a beast would be welcomed.  

> I appreciate any help that you can give to me in this regard...

I don't know if this was any help at all, but the good thing about
posting something vague like it, is that it will inspire someone who
knows better to jump in and correct me.  :)


Scott Robbins
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