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[Test-Announce] I18n Test Day Thursday 2009-10-29


This week we will focus on I18N , and the test day is coming up tomorrow:


The idea of this test day is to test common usage in your desktop applications
in your native language, and identify any problems or weaknesses. The main
focused areas are:

    1. display of text in browser, open-office, etc
    2. input method: IBus
    3. printing
    4. localization

Therefore, testing the cases in many languages is highly welcomed and the test
cases are not limited at all. Just come to the test day, try your favorite language
and have fun! :-)

Don't forget to leave your precious results on the sites. See you there!


 FAS name: Rhe
 IRC nick: Hurry(rhe)#fedora-qa
 Email: rhe redhat com 
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