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Fedora Server distro?

Dear Michael Conerworth:

birger wrote:
> I am typing this on my cell phone so please forgive any artifacts.
> Centos is a server distro, and being a recompile of rhel it is a good one. Using fedora for servers means upgrading them more often than you may want.
> Look at the centos 3rd party repo that offers fedora packages compiled for centos. Maybe a perfect setup?
> Building fedora source rpms on centos is usually not very hard either.

If you want that much Fedora stuff, then just use Fedora. I use Fedora
10 and 11 on several server systems and do not have any issues with that
setup. One server has been Fedora since Core 5 I think. Upgrading takes
about an hour for downloading/updating and checking config files, but I
only do that once a year. Regular updates happen about once a month
after hours when I can reboot the machines.

Since you have several Fedora servers up and running, may I ask if there was a howto that you followed or did it all come from you?  If you, then would you be willing to write-up a HOWTO for those of us out there that do not understand it all or as much as you may or may not???

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

However, it depends on your particular situation in the end.

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