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Hi everyone,

I am glad to join this community of Fedora BugZappers. I can't say I am a big user of Fedora yet, as I only started officially using it since version 11 on my work laptop, but when it comes to Linux in general, I have been using Red Hat for the most part of my time, having started in 5.0 (circa 98 or 99) which was my first Linux experience. To this day, I still remember how it hurt adapting to a black-and-white reality: Unsupported WinModem, no drivers for the particular S3 video card chipset I used back in the day, FIPS vs Windows partition baptism of fire and a bunch of other seemingly interesting experiences!

I have varied experience with Linux, from System Administration to Development. I am actively interested in projects related to Virtualization, Security, Development Tools, Debugging and Performance Analysis.

I am 27 years old, Portuguese, living in Dublin, Ireland for the past 1 year. I work as Support Engineer for an American company who sells a virtualization product based on RH.

If anyone would like to reach me, I am available via gtalk/email/msn on this email address. I am also part of the freenode stats, possibly ranking somewhere in the top50 idlers under the nick 'goncalo', so your best and safest bet would be using email to reach me.


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