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Re: (BugZapper) Introduction

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 01:36:35AM +0000, Gonçalo Gomes wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am glad to join this community of Fedora BugZappers. I can't say I am a
> big user of Fedora yet, as I only started officially using it since version
> 11 on my work laptop, but when it comes to Linux in general, I have been
> using Red Hat for the most part of my time, having started in 5.0 (circa 98
> or 99) which was my first Linux experience. To this day, I still remember
> how it hurt adapting to a black-and-white reality: Unsupported WinModem, no
> drivers for the particular S3 video card chipset I used back in the day,
> FIPS vs Windows partition baptism of fire and a bunch of other seemingly
> interesting experiences!
> I have varied experience with Linux, from System Administration to
> Development. I am actively interested in projects related to Virtualization,
> Security, Development Tools, Debugging and Performance Analysis.
> I am 27 years old, Portuguese, living in Dublin, Ireland for the past 1
> year. I work as Support Engineer for an American company who sells a
> virtualization product based on RH.
> If anyone would like to reach me, I am available via gtalk/email/msn on this
> email address. I am also part of the freenode stats, possibly ranking
> somewhere in the top50 idlers under the nick 'goncalo', so your best and
> safest bet would be using email to reach me.
> Cheers,
> Goncalo.

Hello Goncalo and again Welcome =). I will approve your group membership in a
second. Here are some links to information you'll want to familiarize yourself
Components and Triager List:

we'd recommend you pick a component from that list that you feel
comfortable working on, then contact its maintainer to say you'll be
working on triaging it, and ask if they have any tips or special
requests. Then read:


As I said to Gabriel earlier, it's really not as bad as it looks.

Remember if you have any questions or problems, #fedora-bugzappers,
myself or any of the another team members should be able to help you out.
We have regular weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 15:00 UTC - if you have the time,
 and and would like to participate.

Edward (tk009)

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