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F12 icon completeness issues

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/ReleaseCriteria#Desktop says "All items
should have icons, and look ok together (ie no wild theme mix and blurry
scaled icons)."

I filed two bugs on missing icons, which are theoretically final release

Missing ABRT icon in Applications -> System Tools menu (Gnome)

Missing icons in System menu (Gnome)

Matthias Clasen closed the latter, saying the wiki page "should
certainly be clarified to refer to applications only."

I see the distinction between a submenu entry and an entry that actually
does something when you select it ("applications").  But e.g. Help is
missing an icon, and I think of that as falling into the second
category.  Personally, I think the System menu in Fedora 11 looks
better, since it has icons for every item and submenu, and this matches
the Places and Applications menus.

I'd like to establish consensus on what to do, and I also wonder what
the motivation for removing icons that look nice could possibly be.



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