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Re: AdbeRdr-9.1.2-1 on x86_64

On 10.09.2009 20:08, Rob Healey wrote:

I know that the main oncern right now is getting F12 F&F, but I have a need to use AdbeRdr...

I am wondering why AdbeRdr wants to install 59 dependencies from i686 branch. I have most of all the files that it says that it needs already installed for x86_64 packages...

Can someone help me understand why I would need all of these extra 59 packages when I already have them installed???

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

Hi Rob,

Most likely this happens because your AdbeRdr-9.1.2-1 rpm package is compiled for i686 architecture. Therefore all its dependencies are i686 packages. Unfortunately the corresponding x86_64 packages you have installed can't substitute the i686 ones. So, you really need install those 59 packages. Or try to find AdbeRdr-9.1.2-1 package for x86_64.

Best regards,
Sergey Rudchenko

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