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Re: Real mail addresses in list postings and resulting **SPAM**

El jue, 24-09-2009 a las 17:02 -0500, Allen Kistler escribió:
> Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> > Christoph Frieben wrote:
> >> Does anybody have a good idea how to avoid the appearance of real mail
> >> addresses in the body of postings to fedora-devel/test-list when people
> >> reply to an earlier message? Could additional technical measures be taken to
> > 
> > Yes. Don't include your real address in your from header.
> You have to include a real address, otherwise the list kicks it back and
> won't post it.  Only subscribed members can post.


I think the best solution it's education.

If the mail client uses bad practices and includes the mail address in
the reply quote (such as "$DATE, Jhon Doe <jhon doe whatever dom>
wrote:", please edit it by hand and at least remove the domain part from
the mail address.

Sometime ago this was called "netiquette" :)



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