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Anaconda on a Test Day CD?


there's the idea of removing anaconda from the default Test Day
kickstart script [1]. What would it cause?

+ Less building problems. Anaconda dependencies are often broken
  in Rawhide. Removing anaconda from Test Day CD would prevent 
  building problems. It would be more likely for people to 
  successfully build the CD. (When Test Day CD can't be built 
  because of dependencies problems, not everyone would think up
  removing anaconda).
+ The image size would be a little smaller. (not a big issue)
- It wouldn't be possible to install Rawhide from Test Day CD.
  (Is this really a minus? How often do people install Rawhide
  from Test Day CDs? How often do we want them to do that?
  What if someone installs Rawhide with some heavily modified
  packages from a Test Day, can it cause confusions in some
  future bugreports?)
- If we want anaconda on Test Day CD specifically, it must be
  manually added. (not a big issue)
* No "Install" icon on the desktop :)

So what do you think? Is it/is it not worth bothering? Do we
more often want anaconda included or have less problems when
building it?

Thanks for opinions,

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Test_Days/Live_Image

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