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2010-01-04 @ 16:00 UTC - Fedora QA Meeting Agenda

# Fedora Quality Assurance Meeting
# Date: 2010-01-04
# Time: 16:00 UTC (11:00 EST, 17:00 CET)
# Location: #fedora-meeting on irc.freenode.net 

Happy new year!

Intentionally keeping the agenda light today.  The focus today is the
F-12 QA recommendations (which is based on retrospective feedback).  I'd
like to identify any gaps, and begin tapping owners.  Feel free to
adjust the agenda as needed.

= Proposed Agenda =
        1. Previous meeting follow-up -
        2. Review of F-12 QA recommendations and start identifying
        owners -
    3. Open discussion - <your topic here>


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