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Re: Fwd: [Fedora-trans-ar] CVS Account Activation

On Sun, 28 Nov 2004 23:39:01 +0300, Turki Al-Ibrahim <turkim gmail com> wrote:
> On Sat, 27 Nov 2004 02:28:18 +0100 (MET), maha helwa <mahahelwa gmx net> wrote:
> > Turki..
> > What's your problem with CVS.. this is a good test to see how good was it
> > the article "How to contribute in ..".
> > if you are facing a problem, we should address the and solve it then
> > document it in the same article or in another one.
> >
> > Maha
> Well , here is what I did , I exported the following variables :
>          CVSROOT=:ext:turki i18n redhat com:/usr/local/CVS
>          &
>          CVS_RSH=ssh
> Then , I execured the following command :
>            # cvs -z9 co translate
> I got this error:
>            Connection closed by
>            cvs [checkout aborted]: end of file from server (consult
> above messages if any)
it could be the keys located in wrong place.. am not sure what could
be.. am facing similar problem..but my keys located under root
directory../root/.ssh/id_dsa or id_dsa.pub
and i login on cvs as maha not as root.. don't know if this the problem?!

> Then , how to use CVS (by example),
i guess we don't need more than these operations on CVS..
 * Check out a file
 * Check in a file
 * update all your PO file frequently to keep them uptodate

> what does check-in and check-out
> means ? 
Checkout a file.. means that you are taking a local copy on your
machine from the original file located on CVS, so you can apply
whatever you want to on that checkedout version without distroying the
original file on the CVS..

checkin a file.. means that you commit what you've done on your local
version..so that the checked out version becomes the latest version
and  the changes you made is shown to everybody after you commit your
local files..

>how to browse files and folders ? 
if you don't want to checkout starting from "tranlate" directory  you
can do specify the path directory  you want to check out
for example
  cvs -z9 co translate/system-config-boot
FYI,  each file name you saw on the status page corresponds to a
directory on CVS

>how to copy a file from both
> directions ?
that's why we checkout / checkin the files.. think of CVS as a
centralized storage among us that holds all checked in versions...

Did i give any useful hints turki..?!

> And as suggested earlier , document how to configure and use a gui tool.
I got better idea... but don't know how applicable is it..
why don't we use arabic-fedora website.. as an interface between us
and the CVS .. once you have an account on arabic-fedora you won't
need to go through all the steps i said in the document.. instead
arabic-fedora in its backend talks to CVS directly..
i mean.. after registring on arabic-fedora website.. the website send
sort of patch file to be executed ..so keys are automatically
generated on linux shell or whatever could be but on serverside..  CVS
environment variables automatically set..so commands of checkout/
checkin /update operations..

Is this idea applicable.. did anyone got my point?!


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