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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Done.. Re: Translation How-To - By Maha

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 15:08:16 +0100, Mohammad Ghoniem
<mohammad ghoniem univ-ubs fr> wrote:
> maha helwa wrote:
> >>Am done, hope it will be good one 'YA Rab' :)) the whole document is all
> >>yours guys..
> >>
> >>
> You've done a very good job Maha. :-)
Thank you ya muhammed

> To improve on it a little bit, presentation-wise, I would suggest
> linking each entry in the table of contents to the corresponding section
> in the body so that people can access the information more easily.
> Adding "back to top" anchors after each section would also be a +.

I saw you 'va already added the links.. out there

> Content-wise, I believe we need to explain how to configure any famous
> graphical cvs client under linux, such as cervisia. (I know many people
> here are command-line cowboys, but I really prefer using a GUI when
> available :-P) As soon as I get some time to try and configure such a
> thing, I may send you a couple of paragraphs explaining the procedure.
> Please feel free to document it yourself, if you're already using such a
> tool.

It's going to be nice if you explain this part.. you can add appendix
A and explain in more details how to deal with it..

I've just got a General Comment.. use the amendment history table.. 
if you applied any changes on the document.. please specify what
changes you made and in which section you changed..  it won't take
much time..


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