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[Fedora-trans-ar] Re: SSH Key - CVS Access Suggestion

On Yaum al-Jumma 22 Ramadan 1425 5:16 pm, Sherif Abdelgawad wrote:
> Sarah/Bernd & Team,
>     I noticed  that it is sometimes
> frustration to lose the SSH Key, and the lack
> of an automated way to update the key (Due to
> format PC, bad drive, or whatever reason)
> So, I want to suggest an enhancement here
> to the current system (If it is doable).
> Everyone of us has a PIN we use to Take/Release
> modules, can we have a link to Update our SSH key
> and use the same PIN to authenticate  the person ?
> The goal here is to make the adminstration less,
> avoid the mistakes, and allow the person to update
> his/her key when needed.

I think heard this is a good suggestion. Has this been implemented? (This is 
how to ask in a polite way ;)

Seriously, I don't know about the other teams but some members of our team 
tends to lose their ssh keys sometimes. This is mostly due to Arabic being 
written from  right to left and this is the exact problem I face when I want 
to close a window and the close button on the title bar tends to change 
direction - due to mirroring issues - per application. Some members trying to 
put their ssh key on the computer, they forgot and put it on the recycle bin. 

Am I feeling well today? ;)

Munzir Taha  PGP Key available
gpg --recv-keys --keyserver www.mandrakesecure.net F0671821

Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer
Mandrake Club Member
Maintainer of the Open Arabic Bugs Project at
Maintainer of Fedora Arabic Translation Project
CIW Designer, ICDL, MOUS, Linux+, LPI 101
New Horizons CLC, Riyadh, SA

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