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[Fedora-trans-ar] Translation review of system-config-lvm

This file has been translated by Mr. Turki. No doubt he made the job for me 
very difficult to find mistakes or issues. The only  noticable thing is the 
trivial HAMZA's issue. Examples are:


all those shouldn't have HAMZA's. I noticed this problem is very common among 
Arabic native speakers. I am not sure why but the rule is not difficult. Just 
try to grab an Arabic grammar book and it won't be difficult. This issue is 
not specific for Turki. One of the benefits of translation for us is to 
improve our translations skills so let's not waste this chance. It's not only 
for Fedora, it's also for ourselves!

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Maintainer of Fedora Arabic Translation Project
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New Horizons CLC, Riyadh, SA

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