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[Fedora-trans-ar] Re: Arabic Translation - 100% Translated

On Yau al-Thulatha 22 Rajab 1425 1:05 am, Sarah Wang wrote:
> Excellent work :)
> How come you have got 5 extra strings than others? Perhaps some files
> are not quite in sync with the master pot file...
> Here comes the question:: Should each language maintainer to ensure
> their po files are consistent with the pot file, or should it be the
> package maintainer's responsibilities?
> Personally I prefer the former, since it will create less file conflict
> situations and give the language maintainer more control. Opinions
> anyone?

I remember this discussion goes towards running msgmerge with the 
original .pot automatically as a pre_commit requirement or somthing similar. 
Actually, I forgot this issue and now noticed again that:

Arabic has a total of 11407 words
English-GB has a total of 11373 words
Welsh has a total of 11403 words

If all the .pot files on one directory, I can go msgmerge them manually but 
this would be a rather tedious process to make for each file.

A prerequirement to scripting this process would be to make the po files 
consistent on their folders. The situation now is that you find some of the 
po files in a folder called po (like autorun/po/ar.po) whereas others on the 
same directory as the pot (like up2date/ar.po) and yet other files 
distributed between both like (system-config-lvm/po/ar.po and 
system-config-lvm/bg.po). Any reason for this?

> Sarah
> å2004å09æ07æç02:52ïSherif Abdelgawadåéï
> > I would like to announce that we reached 100% Arabic Translated
> > modules.
> >
> > We still will go through a tough time unifying and tuning the
> > translation. Yet, the state on it right now is good enough. I would like
> > to thank the fedora team, and the arabic fedora arabic translation team.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Sherif
> >

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