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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Translation review of system-config-lvm

On Yaum al-Khamees 26 Shawwal 1425 7:27 pm, Mohammad Ghoniem wrote:
> Munzir Taha wrote:
> >
> >all those shouldn't have HAMZA's. I noticed this problem is very common
> > among Arabic native speakers. I am not sure why but the rule is not
> > difficult. Just try to grab an Arabic grammar book and it won't be
> > difficult.
> I always wondered why teachers would insist so much on such a simple
> matter, but it turns out it is not so simple for everyone. :-)
> The main rule concerning verbs is : you must put a hamzah at the
> begining of the ÙØØØ when the verb is ØÙÙ ÙØÙ ØÙØÙ, like ØØØØ ØØØØØ and
> ØØØÙ ØØØØÙ. In all other cases, you don't need a hamzah.

Mr. Ghoneim is trying to simplify the thing for you but every one is need to 
grab a book/article on the subject. Generally if the root of the verb is 4 
letters then it should have a HAMZA, if the root is 3,5, or 6 then it's not. 
For nouns, All have HAMZA's except ØØÙØ ØØÙØ ØØÙØØ ... 

If only I had time I would mention here all the rules in details but I am 
really busy these days.

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