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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Our beloved qamoose

On Yaum al-Khamees 26 Shawwal 1425 6:45 pm, Mohammad Ghoniem wrote:
> Mohamed Eldesoky wrote:
> >Mostly it is because it uses HTML encodings ??
> >Try to check the source of the page, and see if your words are in true
> >characters, or other hex code.
> You got it right. When HTML encodings are used, the entries display
> correctly independantly of the encoding. When true characters are used,
> we face problems.

> More concretely, if you are using mozilla firefox :
> 1- set your page encoding to UTF-8, when you post an entry it will be
> sent in UTF-8.
> 2- set your page encoding to iso-8859-1, you will be sending HTML entities.
> If you are using IE, find a solution and share it with us. :)

You mean this is a feature/(?) on Firefox specifically to convert text outside 
the iso-8859-1 characters to UTF-8 and it's not available in IE?

> Maybe we should vote for one solution and ask all contributors to stick
> to it.

What's the econding of the data stored on the MySQL database?

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