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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] QA phase started...

On Yaum al-Ahad 29 Shawwal 1425 2:41 am, Maha Helwa wrote:
> On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 15:27:31 -0800, Maha Helwa <ms helwa gmail com> wrote:
> > Yeah. . that's not the problem.. i did copied files from root to
> > /home/maha and i couldn't read my private key or touch any file..
> > thought that's the problem.. I changed the ownership and the same
> > problem exists.. although i did register again with another
> > account..the same problem.. permission deined.. what exactly
> > permission.. i don't understand the output "ssh -v..."
> Here what i get BTW..
> [mshelwa localhost mshelwa]$ ssh -v -v -v mshelwa i18n redhat com

Just to make sure we are not missing an obvious thing, give us the output of:

1. What did you do before this problem happen? Upgraded the system,...?
2. What distro are you using?
3. Did you try it as root too? (though a security risk but let's try)
4. Try clearing out your .sshd/known_hosts and see.

5. What's the output of:

$ id
$ ls -l .ssh

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