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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] glossary issues!


Actually, I have heard ØÙØØÙ ØÙÙØØÙ many times. You can google for both translations, you will find many results in both cases. :-)

Although this translation is less frequent, I prefer it much more as it does not sound like a direct mapping/translation of the English expression. I guess everyone in this list wants a translation that is accurate and sounds good at the same time. Since, sounding good is partly a matter of personal preference, voting may be a good idea in shÃ'a AllÃh.



Munzir Taha wrote:

I, myself, have heard ØÙØØÙ ØÙØÙÙ many times but have never heard of ØÙØØÙ

ØÙÙØØÙ before and now I rechecked my ALMAWRID dictionary and could only see this translation for first. First != "single". e.g. First name, First class, First lady ;)

The good thing here is that we are from different countries and grown in different cultures so we want our translation to be as smooth as possible for majority of the users. If my reasoning is not convincing, the other opinions here would solve this issue. We will follow the majority.

Hey! All of you over there tell us your opinion regarding this translation! Please!

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