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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Our beloved qamoose

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On Wednesday 15 December 2004 9:46 pm, Munzir Taha wrote:
> On Yaum al-Arbi'a 03 Thu al-Qi`dah 1425 4:47 pm, Mohammad Ghoniem wrote:
> > >You mean this is a feature/(?) on Firefox specifically to convert text
> > > outside the iso-8859-1 characters to UTF-8 and it's not available in
> > > IE?
> >
> > Yes. I have not played around with IE enough to know how it behaves
> > exactly and how to tune that behavior to comply with a user-preferred
> > setting. As far as I have seen, it will be sending windows-1256
> > characters by default.
> Although this thread is going off-topic but I see it as something very
> important in arabizing CMS websites. My lack of time to check mambo source
> and understand this esoteric thing is definitely a shame ;)
> With my humble PHP/MySQL skills, I made a page on the fly that contains one
> text box and a submit button to store the text in the database and
> redisplaly the text upon the button click. I opened the page using FireFox
> and typed arabic with different encoding each time. And as I expected
> changing the encoding will make the text garbage.
> Ghoneim, Desokey! If you can make some lines of code that demonstrate it,
> it will be great! (Home Work ;))
Shouldn't Mamboo use a default charcode ??
if it unicode, then everything will be fine !!

> Sherif! You are the person responsible of this magic. If we fail you have
> to explain it by example or ! #$%^

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