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Re: Translation review of up2date (was Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Members of Fedora-trans-ar)

On Yaum al-Ithnain 25 Ramadan 1425 17:29, Mohammad Ghoniem wrote:
> Thank you Munzir for your quick feedback. I will be bringing the
> required changes asap in shÃ'a AllÃh. However, I would like to mention a
> few points where I would need further advice/help :
> Munzir Taha wrote:
> > 1.
> >
> > > $msgfmt --statistics ar-ghoniem.po
> >
> > ar-ghoniem.po:4173: `msgid' and `msgstr' entries do not both end with
> > '\n'
> >
> > msgfmt: found 1 fatal error
> I had produced five such errors initially, I solved four of them but
> could not solve the remaining instance. I cannot see any difference
> between `msgid' and `msgstr' entries in kbabel. Am I missing something ?

The English statement look like this in a text editor:

msgid ""
"Forgot your Red Hat login or password? Find it at\n"
" "

Can you see the last line which contains " "? This means you need to press 
ENTER in kbabel after doing the translation, i.e. a blank line after it. I 
don't have kbabel now to test so tell me if it doesn't work.

> > 11.
> >
> > +# Mohammad Ghoniem, 2004.
> >
> > is repeated on the header 27 times!! We know you'r Mr. Ghoniem ;)
> Ahem. :-)
> This was not done deliberately, maybe a misconfigured feature in kbabel
> (or a bug ?). Let me look into this matter in shÃ'a AllÃh. By the way,
> what do you mean by "the header" ?

In Kbabel go to Edit -> Header. It contains the lang, your name, the date, ...
Go to Settings -> Configure Kbabel to fix any typos once and forever in all 
the coming files.

> Thank you so much for the nice review.
> Maybe one last point concerning the translation of "First Name" and
> "Last Name",  I am not really sure whether ØÙØØÙ ØÙØÙÙ and ØÙØØÙ ØÙØØÙØ
> would seem clear to everyone. For the latter, I guess that ØÙÙÙØ or ØØÙ
> ØÙØØØÙØ would be more meaningful, at least I suspect this would be the
> case in Egypt. However, if there is a standard consensual translation, I
> will go for it. Just let me know.

Surely, you are right! Last name better be translated as ØØÙ ØÙØØØÙØ and not 
ØÙØØÙ ØÙØØÙØ but please don't translate it as ÙÙØ since we need to reserve 
this for nick name which would usualy be asked in the same form or dialog 

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