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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Done.. Re: Translation How-To - By Maha

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At the same time, can we have the main page content modified to reflect the 
documents and project and the mailinglist ??
I mean, for example, new visitors can't know where is the document by Maha is 
located !!

Sherif ??

On Wednesday 24 November 2004 4:08 pm, Mohammad Ghoniem wrote:
> maha helwa wrote:
> >>Am done, hope it will be good one 'YA Rab' :)) the whole document is all
> >>yours guys..
> You've done a very good job Maha. :-)
> To improve on it a little bit, presentation-wise, I would suggest
> linking each entry in the table of contents to the corresponding section
> in the body so that people can access the information more easily.
> Adding "back to top" anchors after each section would also be a +.
> Content-wise, I believe we need to explain how to configure any famous
> graphical cvs client under linux, such as cervisia. (I know many people
> here are command-line cowboys, but I really prefer using a GUI when
> available :-P) As soon as I get some time to try and configure such a
> thing, I may send you a couple of paragraphs explaining the procedure.
> Please feel free to document it yourself, if you're already using such a
> tool.
> >>It's important that this document be clear and good enough for new
> >> members to get started..
> Again, thank you for this nice effort.
> salâm
> Mohammad
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