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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Notes about translations

On Yaum al-Ahad 18 Sha`ban 1425 04:31 pm, Sherif Abdelgawad wrote:
> > Sherif, can't we use arabic-fedora.org for such guides ?? We need to keep
> > them
> > permanent somewhere.
> > Also, to solve issues like free.fr being blocked in KSA, we can use
> > arabic-fedora.org to upload the test screenshots there !!
> > Agree ?
> > Any objection, friends ?
> Mohamed, Sure .. I have no problem with this. Arabic-Fedora.org was
> intended for two things:
> 1- Helping here
> 2- Live Distro which I have no time for : )
> So yes you can use the space and service as you wish guys.
> I do also apologize for not being so active, I am being loaded
> with a lot of work and had to work some weekends too.

Any one wants to take the lead here? We need one of the teams to organize the 
work of QA using arabic-fedora.org available resources. Any suggestion about 
the best way to proceed?

Is it better to use a wiki system or to make a whole CMS-like site using 
WebGUI for example?

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Maintainer of Fedora Arabic Translation Project
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