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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Where is that "OK"?

Quoting Munzir Taha <munzirtaha newhorizons com sa>:

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في يوم الأحد 09 رجب 1426 23:56, كتب Maha Helwa:
Hey Munizr.. seems u didn't like it :)) .. what do u think.. "تم بنجاح"
better or worse or nonsense :) am trying here..

Yes I like this translation though it's two words. If no one can come with a better suggestion or an objection, I will approve it and correct the translation.

the functions file contains the following functions:

- echo_success()
    function for reporting the successful start of a program during bootup
- echo_failure()
    function for reporting the failure of the starting of a program
- echo_passed()
    function to report the passing of a system test
- echo_warning()
    function to report a warning

Not infront of a machine to verify the msgs that is being printed.

But "OK" for sccess, "FAIL" for failure", and we need to know about
what echo passed, and echo_warning prints and come up with something
represent this.

I would not worry if it is one word or more. It is important for me
to communicate the proper information rather than trying to find
a one word.



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