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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Re: Trademarks & Translations.. How about service, servers, deamons and realms' names...

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في يوم الثّلاثاء 11 رجب 1426 08:12, كتب Mohammad Ghoniem:
> السلام عليكم
> Maha Helwa wrote:
> > Samba server:    (samba)  خادم السامبا
> >                        (samba) خادم المشتركات
> > or                     samba خادم
> > In this case i perfer the 3rd one..
> Me too. The second one is not bad, but we have to take a decision
> applicable to all services, once and for all.

I would say the 3rd also. The second option involves more work and discussions
so by all means if we are going to add descriptions let's delay it until we
reach a QA state since I don't think it's a priority. agree?

> > Btw, I've see a very nice translation today..lol
> >  kerberos realm:   مملكة كِرْبيروس

> > Any suggestion.. i don't know what realm means here.. is its scope
> > bigger than a daemon .. something control a set of deamons or what..
> > what exactly its definition..

AFAIK Realm is a group of kerberos servers here; a kingdom of these servers. 
Do you think there is something wrong to say
مملكة kerberos؟

ألسنا نقول مملكة النحل؟

> I would try زمام or إطار. Any other suggestions ?

I don't think this convey the intended meaning but I am be wrong.

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