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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Re: Trademarks & Translations.. How about service, servers, deamons and realms' names...

wrt to the nature of Kerberos, it is used as:

Authorization & Authentication service.

i.e. it authorize use of certain service and authenticate
that user who is requested the service.

So تصديق as you mentioned, is not totally wrong, yet
to authenticate in this context would be توثيق in my openion.


Quoting Mohammad Ghoniem <Mohammad Ghoniem univ-ubs fr>:

السلام عليكم

Often, when you take official papers from one country to another, you need to get them authenticated through your ambassy + Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We call that تصديق. So the root of مصادقة is not totally unfounded although I would prefer تصديق.

On the other hand, Maha suggested توثيق which is probably a better choice. :-)

السلام عليكم

Munzir Taha wrote:

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في يوم الأربعاء 12 رجب 1426 23:58, كتب Maha Helwa:

:)) what's the meaning of "مصادقة" ? hmm it's not me only :)

Good catch! I found it on the OS I love to hate ;) My mind polution comes from
the days when I taught Window 2003 Server courses in Arabic :(

الذي فهمته من مصادقة أن لها علاقة بالصدق أو المصداقية ولا أدري إن كان هذا
الاشتقاق صحيحا أم لا لكن بصراحة بدأت أميل لخطئه وأرى أفضل منها كلمة توثيق التي رآها وارتآها أخانا محمد غنيم، فما ترون فيما أرى؟

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