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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Do we have any Web Developers within?

Sherif..i really want it to reply when i have something to test or start with..lol...
yeah sure it's going to be a magnificent utility once we finish :)).. and YES yes it's too much for time being because i can't imagine i can do it..

Currently am working on the db..data manipulation and sql statements.. I find a very popular issue...arabic text in the db on mysql am using mySql 4.1.12a..
The problem now the arabized translation not inserted properly into the table.. and accordingly not retrieved properly to the user.. i did alter the table definition to accept utf-8 on certain column.. but no use.. still there is a problem :)) am going to search more but anyone know about this?!

Sherif.. wow.. the features you are saying very lovely.. but i have to say is too much to me.. am going to do it but not sure totally about when am going to do it and if i can do it or not.. but I'll give a try..

Anyway.. i hope by the end of next week.. we could have this:
> have screens on arabic-fedora by which you can retrieve/modify the translation.. for (Guest, Contributor and the maintainer users).
> Submit your changes and apply them on the db.
So till i find out how i can populate the data from PO file and take it back from db.. you can use these screens and ur translation will be kept into db not on po files or we can do it manually..LOL the data canl be populated into db manually not by insert statement, but by load statement.. that loads the data from txt file into db table but according to table description; the column orders. Anyway..

It's looooong way.. not sure am wasting more time that we already need it or it will help in future.. don't know when i can finish but it' will be perfect if we can do it :)

Anyway sorry for the late reply :)) i should stop blaming everyone :)


On 8/24/05, sabdelg redhat com <sabdelg redhat com> wrote:
   Good start. Here is my comments:

We can have one screen, yet what he/she can do within the screen is different.
So basically, based on user level (hence, you need to authenticate users)
you can have three access levels:

- Guest, can view browser, editing is not avilable for him.
- Contributor, he will be allowed to "edit", and "submit" changes,
  mark strings "fuzzy" or remove "fuzzy" marks" .. His entries should
be kept in
  different "proposed" table till a Maintainer "approve" it and move it to

- Maintainer, he will be view current approved, and "proposed" changes, hence
  he can "approve" and "merge" or "discard" the new "proposed" change making it
  or send it to "trash"

- System Admin Screen: Maintaince tasks, like populate DB with data
from files,
  backup db, dump DB, restore, ..etc.

  Functionality will be allowed to him:

  a. Parse the files on server (that will be on same server your code will run
     and "insert" these parsed files into the "DB". This will be needed
at start
     time to "take from files into DB", also will be needed if we need a fresh
     copy from the files on disk to DB in case something happened and
we need to
     load files again.

  b. Compile or generate "PO" file again from DB and store it to file in hard
     or update the hard copy so we can later take this and sync it back to CVS.

  So basically ability per file to load from the copy on the hard, or generate
  and compose the file from the DB back to the hard.

  c. Backup DB and Restor DB from SQL files , add users, remove users, change
     for users ..etc. Create translation project, define file to maintain, and

Both Contributor and Maintainer views should be able to ask for "show all the
file", or "show me fuzzy" only or "show untranslated". Maintainer should be
able to also show "show submited"
strings waiting for approval so he can see these strings on one place.

To do that , you will need in your table to have a flag describe the state of

And forget about sync`ing with CVS, and CVS commands. As long as it save files
in a file
somewhere we can define. Admin can checkout files, use your JAVA to manipulate
then he can check in files manualy later. Or an automated task to do
that can be
done later.

How does that sound ? Too much, sa7 ? :)) LOL I think it would be the perfect
product that you can sell for anyone afterwords to help them translate or
contribute in open source ;-)


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