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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Ping Everyone - Status?

> I am still facing the same problem. Can any one lend a hand to Maha?

:)) oh... thanks Munzir for ur trials.. I should of thanks hicham in
public so ppl know he sent me the file :))..
 THANK YOU HICHAM..THANK YOU MUNZIR..both of u big thanks..
I'll start in the file insha2 ALLAH soon..lol.. this week end.. 
YA Rab 2a3rf atal3 20String ghalt...lol

> It's better to remind you that the file is in
> translate/anaconda-help/help/ar.po
> The naming is a little confusing!
I couldn't check out "Translate" directory itself.. the root itself..

> > [munzir localhost translate]$ cvs up anaconda-help/help/ar.po
> > ssh: i18n.redhat.com: Name or service not known
> > cvs [update aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if
> > any)

I don't know wha't's wrong.. can you commit a file.. is the settings
of cvs repository changed!! directories changes or any cvs parameters

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