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[Fedora-trans-ar] Fw: Fedora Core 4

A Fedora Core 4 proto-schedule is available at:


Generally, it's 3 4-week test releases, with a release in early/mid May.

So, what's planned for Fedora Core 4? Here's what we're looking
at from the Red Hat side of things:

- GCC 4, if it's ready

 We're not planning on holding for it, but if it's out in a
 reasonable time, sure. Failing that, we're looking at making
 more of the FORTIFY_SOURCE and other gcc & glibc security extensions
 integrated, if at all possible.

- The usual new stuff - GNOME 2.10, KDE 3.4, Xorg 6.8.2,
  OpenOffice 2.0 (maybe), etc.

- Xen and Virtualization

 This starts by integrating the Xen kernel stuff, and going
 from there.

- SELinux Episode III: Revenge of the AVC

Yet more targets in the targeted policy.

- Faster boot

 Eliminating redundancy and old cruft in the bootup process,
 starting GDM early if possible, using newer and faster
 udev codebases, and other related tweaks.

- Java

More native-compiled GCJ stuff. Including Eclipse.

- Package management

GUI integration of system-config-packages, yum, and friends.

- more networking changes

Further integration of NetworkManager

- PPC support

 For your brand spanking new MiniMac, or the p655 under your

- Extras at launch time. Or else.

 Hopefully, self explanatory. Could coincide with the move
 of some bits from Core to Extras. In fact, some of the
 stuff on this list of features may *be* in Extras.

Probably other stuff that I'm forgetting in here. I'm sure
more people can remind me.


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