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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Do we have any Web Developers within?

By now, you did read from PO file and extract the important data which will be stored into db.. right!!.. think reversely, rebuild or modify PO files again to include the new changes..
I mean try to write now into Po file.. say for example "Samba server" :)) the translation was in po file "khadem samba" in arabic letters.. excuse me can't write arabic now..
i want to try to change this translation and change it's status---> to be fuzzy string
replace the old translation with new one and modify the status using UTF-8 encoding..
How to test it?! try to open the output file in Kbabel.. and see if it's okay or the file has been corrupted!!
if u did not understand my point.. don't giveup.. let me know.. and i'll explain again :))

On 9/11/05, Mohammad Ghoniem <Mohammad Ghoniem univ-ubs fr> wrote:
Maha Helwa wrote:

> When this automated comments generated?! do we have to generate it or
> keep it's values as it is.. unchanged?!

It is generated during the creation of po files. We have to keep it as is.

> I agree with u.. i didn't clarify my point quite well.. i mean the
> others; references we will not modify them.. shall we keep them in db
> or left them in PO file?

I would recommend keeping things as simple as possible, that is put
everything in the database.

>     In the demo you received, the contents of po files are printed in the
>     command-line (System.out ), which works the same way as any java
>     OutputStream, including files.
> Yes right.. but arabic letters didn't displayed correctly because u
> used console.. but propebly it will.. u adjust the encoding to be utf-8..

We should not miw problems... The demo works correctly (the display is
perfect in eclipse). gnome-terminal configuration is a different issue.

> Ghoneim why dont' u try to change a string in PO File..  write into PO
> file?!

Sorry Maha, I am afraid I don't understand you what you are trying to
do/say. :)



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