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Re: [Fedora-trans-ar] Saaamba..Points to be discussed!!

في يوم الأحد 06 محرّم 1427 13:12, كتب Maha Helwa:
> Hi Munzir.. Hello EVeryOne :)
> Any news about ur revision.. BTW why u didn't send another file or bunch of
> strings to me :)
> Are u sick or something or u changed ur habit or u did lose ur appetite..

Alhamdulillah, I am very OK and happy ;) But I am very busy so I need some 
pressure like this to feel you care about this ;)

> Hope we all get back again soon & try to coordinate this thing at least
> till we finish..right :))

Yes, please.

Ok, now let me do the revision and comment:

> msgid "Share name"
> msgstr "اسم المجلد/الملف المشترك"

> msgid "_Add Share"
> msgstr "إ_ضافة مجلد/ملف مشترك"

> msgid "Add a Samba share"
> msgstr "إضافة مجلد/ملف مشترك لسامبا"

> msgid "Edit Samba Share"
> msgstr "تحرير مجلد/ملف المشترك لسامبا"

AFAIK, files couldn't be shared. Only folders are shared, am I wrong?

If true, What's the reason that files couldn't be shared?

> msgid "Select Directory"
> msgstr "إختر المجلداُ"

أولا اختر همزة وصل، ثانيا المجلد مفعول به منصوب بالفتحة فليس هناك داع للتنوين 
في الأخير
> msgid "Read / Write"
> msgstr "قراءة/كتابة"

Since there is space around the slash, then put a space on the translation.

I don't think I need to say your translation is good but again no one is 
perfect. However, you asked for the comments and hence the revision.

> Maha.
> Vote: "
> http://edition.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/europe/02/02/france.cartoon.ap/index.html

Thanks for the link.

Munzir Taha
Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer
Maintainer of Fedora Arabic Translation Project
Maintainer of the OpenBugs project page at
Master CIW Designer, ICDL, MOUS, Linux+, LPI 101
New Horizons CLC, Riyadh, SA

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