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[Fedora-trans-list] Re: Status of project(fedora-docs/fedora-trans)

Tammy Fox wrote:
On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 03:27, Tadashi Jokagi wrote:


Barzilay, David's "Re: [Fedora-trans-list] Status of project(fedora-docs/fedora-trans)" wrote:

Check the translation status page at

I also know the status of po. How are fedora-docs and website?

Sarah Wang was working on the CVS structure for translating the
fedora-docs CVS module. I know she emailed me a few times about how the
files in CVS are organized. Sarah, can you give the status?

Currently in the fedora-docs/ module the only completed manual is the Documentation Guide. I'm still not sure if there is any value in translating it to other languages since it's not directly related to Fedora Project. The guide is mainly concerned with the writers who I presume will write tutorials or guides in English.

Any feedback/opinions on this issue are welcome.

Till when should we just wait?
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