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Re: Automerge .po files with .pot files !

to, 2006-09-14 kello 22:34 +0530, Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel
> Lauri Nurmi લખ્યું: 
> >   
> > The merging should absolutely *NOT* be automated.  Let's say you are
> > working on a translation, and then you do a 'cvs update' on the files.
> > A lot of conflicts are likely to be introduced when CVS tries to merge
> > together your local copy and the msgmerged copy from the repository.
> > Have a nice day manually resolving these conflicts...
> > 
> > It cannot be too hard for a translator to do a 'msgmerge -U'
> > him/herself.
> >   
> Absolutely *DISAGREE* with your point. We can fix the time to run
> automerge once in a day. So, that before that time everybody commit
> their translation. 

Yes, you can fix a time, but e.g. I can not.  I translate whenever I
want to, and commit whenever I want to.  If I am working on something
bigger, I do not even commit every day.  If my work-in-progress
translation was messed up by some useless automatic merge, I would
probably not waste my time correcting it, but instead leave the whole
translation project and do something more useful on my spare time.

> Doing 'msgmerge -U' on him/herself is easy if it's the case for a
> single module or two modules, but what if person has to do this for
> all modules.

I do not see a reason why this could not be done with a script, if
needed.  However, I do not see the point of doing a msgmerge for all
modules just for fun anyway.  Certainly it should be enough if the
translator does the msgmerges *on the modules (s)he is working on*, not
all modules.

A completely different matter, though, is to fix the status page so that
it would compare the number of translated strings to the number of
strings in the .pot file.

(Mr) Lauri Nurmi

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