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Re: Translation freeze dates & FC6T3

On 9/15/06, A S Alam <aalam redhat com> wrote:
Dimitris Glezos ਨੇ ਲਿਖਿਆ:
> O/H A S Alam έγραψε:
>> Dimitris Glezos ਨੇ ਲਿਖਿਆ:
>>> I'm not sure how this happened, but many translations that were
>>> made before 3/9, did not make it into FC6T3. From the Schedule I
>>> see that the development freeze is 5/9.
>>> I saw it at least in anaconda, -config-date and comps-po.
>>> Furthermore, even if devel freeze is 5/9, the translation has no
>>> reason to stop at that time. At least that happens in GNOME, where
>>> translation continues after the string freeze and the hard freeze?
>>> http://live.gnome.org/TwoPointSeventeen
>>> -dim
>> Yes, I agree with you regarding this about stop translation. but
>> anything done now *may or may not* get in. prodding the maintainer is
>>  always helpful it shouldn't be a problem at this point if you try it
>>  the week of the final freeze, then however... :)
> To be honest, it was *very* hard for me to find time just before the
> freeze, but I did find it and corrected mistakes in *all* the packages
> so that the greek community can give us feedback from test3. It is sad
> to find out that those sleepless nights were not necessary... And of
> course I'm sure many other contributors might feel the same way.
Not all packages will rebuild, only package, which have some
critical bugs will be rebuild, so it is good to fix translation before
14 Sept.

> The feedback we receive from the community always comes from test
> releases. Especially from the test3 release.
> Can we have then a point on the schedule where the translations should
> freeze, so that maintainers know when they should grab a fresh copy of
> the po files. I'm suppose this could be done even at the last moment.
"5 September  FC6 Test3 Development Freeze" means String freeze
"14 September FC6 Test3 Release" Last date to submit string
but as string changes for anaconda and some other package, so
you can update string as Maintainer is building package again

if you find that your translation is major issue for your
language for any package, please file a bug against package
and ask maintainer to rebuild package or include translation in next
maintainers have to build all packages that contain even a single line
of updated translations.
Not included translations has always been a problem with fedora/redhat
translation project and it has to be fixed.
As dimitris pointed in his message it's not nice people volunteer
their time for nothing...


A S Alam
timezone: GMT+5:30
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