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Re: Adding georgian support in anaconda

Thank you for information Nicolas, i will contact BPG, Djvu and i'll
test it all in development version.

On 9/27/06, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> wrote:
Le Mar 26 septembre 2006 23:40, George Machitidze a écrit :

> I see there is a freeze, but i want to test georgianized version,
> because i know there are problems with fonts.  I have created patch
> for anaconda for georgian schools, but i get cubes with georgian
> support, so i removed ka.po from anaconda package. After installation
> i've got some ugly fonts (there are no unicode fonts for georgian in
> fedora, but maybe i saw ugly "fixed" or "unifont")

On Georgian truetype support in Fedora :

You can work on pushing these GPL fonts in Fedora Extras

or find some people interested in designing/learning to design glyphs and
work with the dejavu project (dejavu.sf.net). Unfortunately the GPL
licensing of BGP is uncompatible with the license Bitream chose for Vera,
so a font merge is not possible (it would require some work anyway to make
the metrics and style compatible, though certainly less than starting from

DejaVu recently gained and Armenian block so adding Georgian would
certainly make sense.

On the FC6 timeline :

It's way too late to push this in FC6. Moreover I think you'll find out
that between testing fonts and apps for georgian support, fixing problems
and so on you really need to start now if you want to be ready by FC7 time


Nicolas Mailhot

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Best Regards,
George Machitidze

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