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Re: Release Notes for F7test4 - POT available

Hi Paul,

On 4/4/07, Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com> wrote:
The following PO files have been created so far³:

ca cs da de el es fi fr gu hr it ja ml ms nb nl pa pl pt_BR pt ru
sr Latn sr sv ta uk zh_CN zh_TW

³ The following languages need to have common entity PO files created
before any documents can be built in those languages:
     ca cs fi gu hr ml ms nb sr Latn ta zh_TW

We are in the lengthy process of sorting out our sr Latn variant of
the locale - currently there are (for reasons beyond our control)
different labels for it in glibc (sr latin), X/GNOME (sr Latn) and
DocBook/HTML (sr-Latn) and we're just not sure how it all fits
together yet. While it is trivial for us to autogenerate the content
from sr files, we haven't committed any to docs CVS for this reason.

Maybe it's best to leave sr Latn out for the time being?


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