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Re: DocsProject common entities -- problem with translations?

So it sounds like we will have annoyances no matter which choice we

1.  Using "xml2po -k" and keeping entities intact like &NAME; there are
translators who will be inconvenienced.  They can still substitute
translations for the entity -- using the right form of "SomeName,"
instead of the exact string "&NAME;" -- but there will be no benefit to
them in the event the entity changes.  They may not even notice that it
*has* changed unless they are watching the
docs-common/common/entities/po/entities.pot file, and making the mental

2.  Using "xml2po -e" and transforming the entities into strings in the
POT file, so "&NAME;" becomes "SomeName," it will be painful to change
single strings in a minor way, since *many* fuzzy entries potentially
result from trivial changes.

We can revert to behavior #2, and I can get this into the POTs for
important modules now.  I would like opinions within the next 24 hours.
We first raised this issue almost two weeks ago in our meeting,
summarized here:


Reminder to translators working on documentation:  please make sure you
are subscribed to fedora-docs-list redhat com for information.  Thank
you and we look forward to hearing from you about this issue.

Paul W. Frields, RHCE                          http://paul.frields.org/
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