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Re: Asbjørn Nilsen Riseth

Hi, Asbjorn

Welcome !


On 4/9/07, Asbjørn Nilsen Riseth <anriseth online no> wrote:
Hi, my name is Asbjørn Nilsen Riseth, and I'm living in Oslo, Norway.

I have just recently joined the localization-project, and as the
conscientious boy I am, I introduce myself
to you according to the steps found here:
Hope I do this right the first time:P

I was born the 11th May 1990(16 years old), and currently I go to upper
secondary school(simlar to high school I believe).

_Me and the Fedora Project:_
This is the first time I take part in any project in the open-source
world. I did this spontaneously yesterday,
when I found a spelling error in the desctop-effects GUI. First I looked
up if there was any way to submit a
translation "bug", but I changed my mind and said to myself: "Why not join
the Fedora Project instead?"
And so I did:P
        My first thought was just to translate things that has not been
translated yet into Norwegian, primarily
GUI. But of course, I will see how this works, and maybe I can translate
some docs or wiki-pages to. If needed I
could also translate some Norwegian Nynorsk, but my mother tounge is
Norwegian Bokmål.

_Historical qualifications:_
Well, as I said I haven't done anything like this before. My experience
with GNU/Linux started with Fedora Core 5,
so I haven't got time to explore everything there is to explore yet,
though I believe my computerskills may
qualify to "experienced"(still, everything is relative).
        I have done some programming over the last 3/4 years; have had a look at
several different languages.
I can't say I got any exceptional skills in any programming language, but
I know a little in many. In the
comming years I may go in deeper in some programming language, when I know
what I feel comfortable with.

_GPG KEYID and fingerprint:_
$ gpg --fingerprint 6FFD4254
pub   1024D/6FFD4254 2007-04-08
  Nøkkelfingeravtrykk = BDA7 A004 A681 10AE ACD9  B0A8 22D4 F1F6 6FFD 4254
uid                  Asbjørn Nilsen Riseth <anriseth online no>
sub   2048g/A13A8281 2007-04-08

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