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Re: Help with terms on system-config-printer


Le samedi 14 avril 2007, Xavier Conde Rueda a écrit :
> Hi, I have some difficulties on finding a translation for the
> following terms on system-config-printers

As I understood them

> "Punch\n"

A perforator, a tool to make holes in paper

> "Cover\n"

the first page of a magazine, a newspaper

> "Bind\n"

The name of the side of a book where are attached the pages

> "Saddle stitch\n"

The name of a technic used to attached pages.
Here is a page which show you it, the last picture (sorry, in french ;-) )
In french "Piqûre à cheval". You have to find the right name in your language.
Search around publishing.

> "Edge stitch\n"

In clothing industry: if you buy trousers that are too long, you make an edge 
stitch to short the trousers without cutting them.
Here, that probabely means that pages are attached on the side, like picture 2 
of the same url, but probabely not with staple

> "Fold\n"

A newpapers is always fold at the middle, from top to bottom.
You can fold it 2, 3 or 4 times to be able to put it in your pocket.
In picture 3, paper is fold once.

> "Trim\n"
> "Bale\n"
> "Booklet maker\n"

A creator of booklet (little (very little?) book)

> "Job offset\n"
> If somebody can explain what kind of finishing is every one of them it
> would help a lot. From definitions I've found on Google they all seem
> to be the same...

Hope this helps, or be a call to more help ;-)

Les pages de manuel Linux en français

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