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What's right about translation credits?

Hello, all..

I have some doubts about translation credits and I hope that someone can explain it to me.

1 - About msgid "translator-credits" in all PO files. I suppose we must put one translator per line, in the form of:
NAME <EMAIL>, YEAR. (right?)
So, where that will appear? I have checked some modules GUI like system-config-* and I did't see it anywhere.

2 - The same problem above happen on CVS Docs. We have the msgid "translator-credits" in PO files, but it is't displayed on pages published at docs.fedoraproject.org. However we have some confused things here, because some modules, like mirror-tutorial, shows names of translators as author, cause they were added in rpm-info.xml in <colophon> tag. But, in other modules, like install-guide, this does't happened.
Then... What's the right thing to do?
Can we put names as translator in rpm-info.xml or not?

Best regards

Diego Búrigo Zacarão
Linux User #402589
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