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Re: String Change: anaconda

First, I would like to express thanks for so late addition of lines. I kinda missed those announced weekly 3-liners to system-config-printer. But no fear, there are other additional lines that ar NOT announced. Luckily, I have so much time between my 2 day jobs, 4 families, etc., to hang around stats page and refresh it every 30 minutes...

But, let me return to the subject. Regarding sentence:

You will not be able to make changes to the partitioning of this disk or use any partitions beyond /dev/%s15 in %s

Beyond what?
In what? In year 2008? That was my first thought. I'm no mind reader.

Now let me return to off-topic. I'm tired of this. There has been so much talk about how to help translators, and only thing that I see is - nothing that helps me.
I still have to download ALL po's on checkup.
I still have to manualy update each po (just to be on a safe side)
I still have to manualy check stats page, and I occasionaly miss 2-liners.

Since I've started on FC localization, I am still a translator, not a programmmer, and I do not care what is easier to programmer. If you want FC to be localized, I need help, not excuses or what is easisest for programmer, like "Oh, then we have to switch this from that, buhuhuhu". Sorry, guys, I have buhuhuhu each day here. I work on other localizations, and there I have automatic PO updates, annoucements and nicer stats. There are TRUNK directories for modules under development, so I do not have to translate 2-3 new lines added on WEEKLY basis, like in a case of system-config-printer.
There are language directories, not PO directories.
So, I do not see how it is possible that only on FC localization such stuff does not exist? When FC6 was released, there were "assurances" that things I asked for (announcements, automatic updates) will be fixed.

If you think that stuff I am moaning about are not relevant, please take a hard look at stats page. What do you see there? Who are at top 15 palces? Anybody NEW among top 15? No, always the same. What about botton half? Why are they not making progress like top 15? You may have a ready excuse - but you are wrong! If you were wright, they would NOT be at so low rates for so long time.

I retire myself from FC localization. Just too much trouble, especialy when compared to other, either smaller or larger localizations. My work is for free, so please, do not reply to me in a manner "I work in my free time and we try to do our best". Yeah, you are trying, but it has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME OR OTHER END-USERS THAT ARE NOT PROFFICIENT IN ENGLISH OR PROGRAMMING OR ENDLESS TYPING INTO CONSOLE. So, If you wish to keep FC only for yourself, if you wish to dirve away people that are "spoiled" with "intelligent" applications and gadgets (like, automatic notifications) - you are on a right track. I have very little free time and I do not want to spend it on dozen pages for stats on this and that, reading bugs for spellcheck report - -
I can spend 1 hour for:
- translations or
- manualy updates or
- or writing complaints and moaning
- play some game
So, I choose fun.

Good bye, good luck, call me when you fix this problems.
Best regards
Renato Pavicic

Dana Fri, 20 Apr 2007 17:17:43 +0200, Jeremy Katz <katzj redhat com> napisali ste:

Due to a few things, I've just committed an update to anaconda's pot
file which adds a few strings.  Part of it was things which should have
been but weren't already being marked for translation, one is adding a
better message for an error case and we also got to fully translated for
another language and so had to add it to the language list.

Apologies for the lateness, but we'll be pulling and building anaconda
still for a while after test4 so it hopefully won't cause any big


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Best regards,
Renato Pavicic

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