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Re: What's right about translation credits?

2007/4/20, Dimitris Glezos <dimitris glezos com>:
O/H Diego Búrigo Zacarão έγραψε:
> Hello, all..
> I have some doubts about translation credits and I hope that someone can
> explain it to me.
> 1 - About msgid "translator-credits" in all PO files. I suppose we must
> put one translator per line, in the form of:
> NAME <EMAIL>, YEAR. (right?)
> So, where that will appear? I have checked some modules GUI like
> system-config-* and I did't see it anywhere.

I'm glad you brought this up Diego. We've discussed it in the past (also in
FOSDEM with some other translators) and everyone agrees that it is a good thing
to give credit to Authors and Translators. FWIW, all GNOME apps have this in the
"Help -> About" menu.

Concerning Fedora applications we need to:

  1. Open bug reports for apps that don't give credits to translators (and
authors) as a part of their GUI.

  2. Some apps don't even have a "translator-credits" msgid in their POT, so
mention this in those bug reports as well.

We need a volunteer to do this. Diego, how about giving it a try? :)

I will see if L10N brazilian team can do something around it.
Igor Soares, what about it?

Someone from us could even grab the source of some apps and produce patches on
the bug reports; the chances to achieve what we want increase dramatically.

> 2 - The same problem above happen on CVS Docs. We have the msgid
> "translator-credits" in PO files, but it is't displayed on pages
> published at docs.fedoraproject.org <http://docs.fedoraproject.org>.
> However we have some confused things here, because some modules, like
> mirror-tutorial <http://docs.fedoraproject.org/mirror/>, shows names of
> translators as author, cause they were added in rpm-info.xml in
> <colophon> tag. But, in other modules, like install-guide
> <http://docs.fedoraproject.org/install-guide/fc6/>, this does't happened.
> Then... What's the right thing to do?

The right thing to do is have translators in "translator-credits" and create a
"colophon" section that prints out this string. We have two choices here, the
way I see it:

  1. List all translators in all languages' documents. To do this, the author
should maintain a list of the translators in the POT file itself (see:

I think we must have all translators in all language's docs, because some translations of languages can be based in another language. It's very common between "portuguese" and "brazilian portuguese", cause they no have many diferences.

A separate section for Contributor Credits as Paul have said, it's very interesting. I guess it the best way to improve it. But I suppose that it is not necessary put all contributor credits names in POT/PO to be translated. Just put in rpm-info.xml (or any another file) it's enough.
My name must be write "Diego Búrigo Zacarão" in any language. No?

  2. Each localized document lists its own translators. The msgid in the POT is
empty and each language fills in the PO its own translators.

Once we decide, we need to open bug reports for all affected docs (so that we
know what's fixed and what's not yet) and someone in the `cvsdocs` group could
go ahead right away and fix it.


Dimitris Glezos
Jabber ID: glezos jabber org , GPG: 0xA5A04C3B

"He who gives up functionality for ease of use
loses both and deserves neither." (Anonymous)

Best Regards

Diego Búrigo Zacarão
Linux User #402589
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