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Re: What's right about translation credits?

Em Sáb, 2007-04-21 às 13:36 -0300, Diego Búrigo Zacarão escreveu:

>         Concerning Fedora applications we need to:
>           1. Open bug reports for apps that don't give credits to
>         translators (and
>         authors) as a part of their GUI.
>           2. Some apps don't even have a "translator-credits" msgid in
>         their POT, so 
>         mention this in those bug reports as well.
>         We need a volunteer to do this. Diego, how about giving it a
>         try? :)
> I will see if L10N brazilian team can do something around it.
> Igor Soares, what about it? 

We could do a default message together to post on these bugs, telling
the name of the people involved on this requirement and specify what we
are trying to achieve, so every maintainer will know who is involved.
For instance, we can do kind a small letter with the name of all L10N
Teams Leaders and post it on these bugs or nominate someone to speak in
the name of everybody.

On the begging of May will be holiday in Brazil, so I can file these
bugs if you want to.

Igor Pires Soares

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