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Re: problem with cvs access.

Hi Guillaume,

On 4/23/07, Guillaume <guillaume chardin gmail com> wrote:
Thnks for your help.
I was unable to upload my ssh public key.
I create it long time before with puttygen on windows and it works
fine on many systems.
The file i create containt it (only one line):

ssh-dss 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
Personal key

I had a similar problem when I was opening my Fedora account. It
happens when your key is created with another tool different from
openssh as described in the wiki. The problem is the "Personal key"
description, it must be a string in the form "user hostname" which
openssh tools generate automatically. You can just change that part
manually, or generate the key using openssh tools.


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