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Re: beat contributor, beat writer

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Alain PORTAL schreef:
> Hi,
> Can somebody tell me what are a beat contributor and a beat writer?
> Regards,
> Alain

Hi Alain,

snippet from http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Beats
- -----------
The release notes are separated into beats. A beat, derived from
newspaper and laboratory usage, is the act of reporting news or research
results; or a round or course which is frequently gone over, by a
newspaper reporter or a law enforcement officer ("beat cop").

These are the pages where the release notes beats are written. Content
here may be derived from bugzilla reports and mailing list discussions.

Each beat has one or more beat writers, as assigned on the release notes
beats page. The beat writer(s) are in charge of the beat pages. These
pages are open for all to contribute. If you know something that should
be in the release notes, this is the place to put it.
- -----------

Basically a beat contributor is someone who added something to a beat,
while the writer is "responsible" for that beat (getting it into shape,
making sure it's ready, etc)


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