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Self-Introduction: Richard Bukovansky

Hello everyone,
as it is requested for joining Fedora l10n Project, I would like to introduce myself. So, here it comes:

Name: Richard Bukovansky
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Job: Release Engineer
Company: Monster Technologies Prague
Me and Fedora Project:
Today I have translated Fedora Weekly News Issue 100 to my home language (Czech) and would like to continue with it if somebody would be so kind to show me how to publish it on Fedoraproject Wiki pages :) ). I would also like to participate on translation of Fedora Project (Wiki, Packages) to my home language. Translations history: I have translated a few applications for Israel based company SBSH (www.sbsh.net), which is developing Windows Mobile and Symbian applications, and few other free (as free beer) Symbian applications. Computer history: More then 10 years Windows (client and server) sysadmin and developer in ASP/VBScript/SQL and in .NET/C# (5 years). I'm also Red Hat Linux 6 & 7 and Fedora Core 6 user, currently almost happily running Fedora 7 on my laptop.
GPG stuff:
pub   1024D/5CFF60FB 2007-08-15 [expires: 2008-08-14]
      Key fingerprint = CB96 D12E B368 BE85 C637  4211 FD0A 7896 5CFF 60FB
uid Richard Bukovansky (Richard Bukovansky Fedora Account System) <richard bukovansky atlas cz>
sub   1024g/7628E6C2 2007-08-15 [expires: 2008-08-14]

Thank you for you patience.

Bukovansky Richard
richard bukovansky atlas cz

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