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Re: Module Movements in the repositories

Hi Dimitris,

Dimitris Glezos wrote:
O/H Runa Bhattacharjee έγραψε:
Since quite a few modules are being moved by their maintainers to new
repositories, it is perhaps a good idea for the Translators to be
informed as well.

Good idea. Good communication is always good practice. Developers should always
send an email to trans-list for anything that might affect the translation of
their module.

Right now the repository list can be  determined from:


I would like to propose the following:

@ Request the maintainers to send in a notification mail to the main
devel-announcement list
@ The above mail can be cc-ed or forwarded to the fedora-trans list for
notifying the translators
@ A page linked from the Fedora Translation Project wiki page, listing
all the available repositories and their respective account information.

Good ideas. The best place to note the requirement for notification would be the
guidelines we discussed on creating in the previous meeting.

Would a new wiki page for this be required or can it be squeezed in, in any other existing location on the wiki?
Also, I tried a while ago to summarize all the repositories we are currently
handling at:


Do you think that these are enough for now?
This looks pretty good. Just the link to this part needs to be prominently placed on the main L10n wiki page.
Transifex will give us the ability to put more comments for each repository
directly on the module page (damned lies doesn't support that for now). Or, even
create a separate page for each repo at (example)
/submit/repository/fedora-cvs/. If this is a good idea, then a ticket would be
the best first step I guess. It would be a good low-hanging fruit for anyone
who'd like to play a bit with Python.

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