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Re: FLP mailing lists

Op vrijdag 06-07-2007 om 15:25 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Dimitris
> Hey all.
> So in the last meeting we briefly discussed about our mailing list. The current
> situation has two disadvantages:

> So for 1. there's an idea to create a fedora-trans-announce list, which will be
> moderated and kept only for interesting announcements. *Every* translator will
> be requested to be subscribed to this list.

Definitely +1, keep it low traffic and moderated, which will please
> The second one is less important/urgent, since we already have the l10n-commits
> group, and bugzilla requests are not very often. Besides, if we do get an
> -announce list, then its less an issue if some people leave -trans-list because
> of its increased traffic, since we *will* be able to contact them for important
> issues.

Hell no, don't try to overuse mailing lists. Getting someone to join 3
lists + the own language list is going to drive one nuts. An alternative
could be to add a filter to f-trans-list that excludes bugzilla-mails
when activated, which each member of the list can do.
So all for fedora-trans-announce but no more.


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